What Can the Tutor Program do for you?

by UMaineCLASAdvisingCenter

Many college students feel overwhelmed as they attempt to balance their busy schedules with classes and study time. Outside pressures from jobs, family commitments, and friends can often distract students from their study time. A full course load can mean up to five classes per semester, and while each class may only meet for three hours a week, students need to commit more study time outside of class if they wish to be successful. If you find that you are struggling in your studies the best policy is to not necessarily study harder, but to study smarter. The Tutor Program, located in 104 Dunn Hall, is a wonderful resource to utilize in your search to find useful ways in which to study.

The Tutor Program can play a vital role in enhancing your learning. It provides peer tutoring for UMaine students who: 1) need academic assistance in 100 and 200 level, non-web based courses, and 2) are actively working towards a degree and registered for at least six credits. Tutoring sessions are held Monday through Thursday during the day or evening and Friday during the day, and are conducted in a classroom setting.

When you sign up for a tutoring session, you can expect to work with a small group of students, typically four to six, who meet twice a week throughout the semester. All of the students in the group will be in the same course with the same instructor. These groups are led by a peer tutor, a student who knows the subject quite well and who has passed through a strict screening process which ensures that he or she is patient, a good communicator, and sincerely desires to help others. By working in small, intimate groups, you will likely get to know the others in your tutoring cohort and hopefully become more comfortable asking questions. Also, by meeting with the same group and same tutor throughout the semester, you will experience continuity, consistency, and stability, all of which augment the learning process. Through the course of the semester, you will learn not just the material for that particular class, you will develop study skills and learning strategies that will be useful in all your future courses.On their website, the Tutor Program provides a list of Tips For Academic Success, with topics such as “Getting Organized” and “Taking Lecture Notes,” and we suggest that you check many of them out. There are also many excellent online tools to help you better organize your time. Check out the link below and see how you spend your time and perhaps you may realize just what you need to do in regards to creating healthier study habits: