Calander for the Week of 10/7/13 to 10/13/13

by UMaineCLASAdvisingCenter

Monday, October 7
This week is Surfacing: the 2nd BiAnnual Digital Humanities Week! This weeklong series of events explores the value and the adaptability of the humanities in an ever changing world. New media tools hold out the promise of real-world intervention informed by the aesthetic sophistication, multicultural perspective, and nuanced ethics of artists and scholars in the humanities.
10 a.m., Little Hall, Room 211: Digital Humanities “Convocation.”
11 a.m., Hill Auditorium, Barrows Hall: Introductory presentation by Daniel Soucier (University of Maine), “Bringing Lost Historical Space into the Three-Dimensional Metaverse: Thoreau’s Walden in Second Life.”
noon–2 p.m., Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center (IMRC), Room 104: Digital Humanities THATCamp “Town Hall.”

Signups for Small Group Tutoring at the Tutor Program is ongoing.  The Tutor Program is also offering Drop-in Tutoring, located in the Tutor Program classroom on the first floor of the library (between the Research Consultation Area and the Writing Center classroom).  Check out their website for more information and the full schedule.  
Drop-in Tutoring for Monday:
8am-9am – CHY 121
9am-11am – FSN 101
11am-12pm – AST 109
12pm-1pm – POS 100
1pm-2pm – BUA 201/202
3pm-5pm – BMB 207
5pm-7pm – BIO 100
7:30pm-9pm – BUA 201/202

Every Monday during the semester the Department of Modern Languages and Classics offers the opportunity to practice conversations in other languages.  It located in Little Hall, Room 207 and is open to anyone who wants to have conversations in the specific language.
12pm-1pm – French Table – Feel free to bring your lunch
1pm-2pm – Japanese Table – Feel free to bring your lunch
4pm-5pm – Chinese Table

Tuesday, October 8
Surfacing: the 2nd BiAnnual Digital Humanities Week
11 a.m.–noon., Bangor Room, Memorial Union: Featured talk, Nicole Starosielski (New York University), “Surface and Infrastructure: Mapping the Hidden Worlds
of Undersea Cables.”

1:30–4:00., IMRC, 112: THATCamp 1.1
4 p.m., Hill Auditorium: Featured talk (sponsored by the English Department and the Lloyd H. Elliot Fund*), Eileen Joy, “The Assignable Nothingness of All Swerve and the Work of Adjacency.”

Drop-in Tutoring for Tuesday:
8am-10am – Tutor Program – Study Skills Help Sessions
11am-1pm – COS 140
1pm-2pm – BUA 201/202
2pm-3pm – PSY 241/245
3pm-5pm – BIO 100
6pm-7:30pm – PSY 100

12pm-1pm – Russian Table – Bring your lunch and join in the conversations

Wednesday, October 9
Surfacing: the 2nd BiAnnual Digital Humanities Week
10–11 a.m., IMRC, 104: Anne Goodyear (Bowdoin Art Museum), “Putting the Public back in Publication.”
12–3 p.m., IMRC, 112: THATCamp 1.2
4–6 p.m., IMRC 112: Mary Erica Zimmer (Boston University), “Affordances of the Digital: Mapping, Modeling Texts, and Early Modern Digital Methodologies.”

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Got a business idea but not ready to create a business plan? The Foster Innovation Center is presenting Lloyd H. Elliot Fund*), Eileen Joy, The One-Page Business Plan from 5:00-6:30pm. The presentation will be at the Foster Innovation Center and will explore how the Business Model Canvas can help you get started.

Drop-in Tutoring for Wednesday:
10am-11am – SOC 101
11am-12pm – AST 109
12-pm-1pm – MAT 115
1pm-2pm – BUA 201/202
7:30pm-9pm – BUA 201/202

12pm-1pm – German Table – Feel free to bring your lunch and join in

Thursday, October 10
Surfacing: the 2nd BiAnnual Digital Humanities Week
11 a.m.–noon., Hill Auditorium, Keynote Address, Andrew Stauffer (University of Virginia), “Technologies of Memory: The Troubled Archive of Nineteenth Century Literature.”
12:30–1:30 p.m., IMRC, Room 112: Ari Epstein (MIT), “Is It a Sorbet, or Is My Radio Broken?”
1:30–5:00 p.m., IMRC, Room 112: THATCamp 1.3

Drop-in Tutoring for Thursday:
8am-9am – CHY 121
9am-10am – MAT 126/127
10am-11am – SOC 101
1pm-2pm – BUA 201/202
2pm-3pm – MAT 115
3pm-5pm – BIO 100

Friday, October 11
Drop-in Tutoring for Friday:
9am-10am – PSY 100
10am-12pm – FSN 101
12pm-2pm – PHY 121/122

If other events turn up, we will be sure to update the calendar.  Have a great week!