Calendar For The Week Of 10/14/2013 to 10/20/2013

by UMaineCLASAdvisingCenter

Monday, October 14
Fall Break. Enjoy your vacation!

Tuesday, October 15
Fall Break. Enjoy your vacation!

Wednesday, October 16
Classes Resume! Hope you had a good break!

Interested in attending graduate school after you finish your degree? The University of Maine Graduate School is holding an open house in Stodder Hall, Room 57, from 4pm to 6pm. You’ll be able to find out about the graduate and professional degrees offered here at UMaine, including the 30 different doctoral degrees offered and the more than 75 masters degrees that can be earned here. You can also look forward to refreshments and raffle giveaways!

Drop-in Tutoring for Wednesday:
10am-11am – SOC 101
11am-12pm – AST 109
12-pm-1pm – MAT 115
1pm-2pm – BUA 201/202
7:30pm-9pm – BUA 201/202

12pm-1pm – German Table – Feel free to bring your lunch and join in

Thursday, October 17
Drop-in Tutoring for Thursday:
8am-9am – CHY 121
9am-10am – MAT 126/127
10am-11am – SOC 101
1pm-2pm – BUA 201/202
2pm-3pm – MAT 115
3pm-5pm – BIO 100

Friday, October 18
Drop-in Tutoring for Friday:
9am-10am – PSY 100
10am-12pm – FSN 101
12pm-2pm – PHY 121/122

If other events turn up, we will be sure to update the calendar.  Have a great week!