Calendar for the Week of 9/8/2014 to 9/14/2014

by UMaineCLASAdvisingCenter

Welcome back everyone! As we get back in the swing of things this semester, keep in mind all the events going on a regular basis, as well as some special happenings, all of which can be found in our weekly calendar!

Monday, September 8
Remember, today is the last day to add a class to your schedule.

The Tutor Program is offering Drop-in Tutoring, located in the Tutor Program classroom on the first floor of the library (between the Research Consultation Area and the Writing Center classroom).  Check out their website for more information and the full schedule.  

Drop-in Tutoring for Monday:
9am-10am – BUA 201
10am-11am – MAT 115
11am-12pm – BIO 208
1pm-2pm – PSY 100
2pm-3pm -CHY 121
4pm-6pm – BMB 208
6pm-7pm – MAT 232
7pm-8pm – PHY 122

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the semester the Department of Modern Languages and Classics offers the opportunity to practice conversations in other languages.  It is located in Little Hall, Room 207 and is open to anyone who wants to have conversations in the specific language.
12pm-1pm – French Table

Tuesday, September 9
Drop-in Tutoring for Tuesday:
10am-12pm – SOC 101
12pm-1pm – BIO 100
1pm-2pm – FSN 101
2pm-4pm – MAT 232
5pm-7pm – CHY 122
7pm-8pm – PHY 112

Wednesday, September 10
Drop-in Tutoring for Wednesday:
9am-11am – MAT 115
11am-12pm – BIO 208
12pm-1pm – BUA 202
1pm-2pm – MAT 111
4pm-5pm – PHY 122
5pm-7pm – PSY100

12pm-1pm – German Table

Thursday, September 11
Drop-in Tutoring for Thursday:
11am-12pm – SOC 101
12pm-1pm – BIO 208
1pm-2pm – BIO 100
2pm-3pm – BIO 222
3pm-4pm – CHY 121
4pm-5pm – TME 152
6pm-7pm – PHY 112

12pm-1pm – Spanish Table

Sunday, September 14
Drop-in Tutoring for Sunday:
6pm-8pm BIO 100

If other events turn up, we will be sure to update the calendar. Have a great week!