Final Exams

by UMaineCLASAdvisingCenter

The time for final exams is almost upon us and with final exams comes a change in both your class schedule and Fogler Library’s hours. During Finals Week, your final exam will not be at the normal class time. Instead, you will have to check online as to when your exam will be held. Similarly, Fogler Library’s hours will be extended.

Starting the Wednesday before Finals Week and going until the Thursday of Finals Week, Fogler Library is open every night until 2:30am. And then on the Friday of Finals Week, the last official day of the semester, the library closes at 5pm. During these extended hours, while there will not be a reference librarian available, circulation will still be open, as will the IT Support desk.

During Finals Week, your schedule will be different, so you need to check to see when your final exam will take place. Student Records has provided information about the Final Exam period at this useful website. They also have a PDF that provides all of the Final Exam information for every class offered this semester. It includes the date and time of the exam, the room location, and the professor’s name.