About Us

The CLAS Advising Center was established out of a desire to increase student access, connection, satisfaction, and retention in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, providing the Center with a mission to address these goals by developing programs and resources for students who are considered “at-risk” (undecided, first-generation, and those in transition between majors and other institutions) and providing support and programming for all CLAS students and faculty advisors. The goal is to create a strong, student-centered advising program focused on student access, connection, satisfaction, and retention, and to enhance the quality of the undergraduate educational experience and student services.

John Mascetta is the Advising Center’s fearless leader, a man of boundless energy and vision. As the Advising Center Coordinator, John oversees academic advising for all undeclared CLAS students, newly accepted transfer students and students on academic probation. He supports the College’s faculty advisors in providing services for students with declared majors and collaborates with Associate Dean Timothy Cole regarding retention initiatives. His background is in higher education and student affairs with a focus in academic advising for the past 7 years. He welcomes any CLAS student to visit the Advising Center for questions ranging in general education requirements, discovering or changing a major and becoming connected on campus.

Robert Hodges is a graduate assistant/academic advisor who works primarily with transfer students. His own college education began at Mt. San Jacinto College in Menifee, CA. He then transferred to Camden County College in NJ, before finally finishing his degree at Rutgers University-Camden in NJ where he received his BA in History. Moving to Baton Rouge, LA, he started his coursework for his MA in History at Louisiana State University, finishing it back at Rutgers University-Camden. He is now currently working on his Doctorate in American History here at the University of Maine. During his time here, he served first as a graduate teaching assistant and then held two different teaching fellowships. His enthusiasm for helping students led him to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Advising Center, where he’s been working since its inception in 2012. His own experience as a transfer student has proven invaluable in helping him work with new transfer students here at UMaine.

Amy Smith is a graduate assistant/academic advisor who works primarily with students on probation. She is a life long resident of Lincolnville, Maine, currently living there with her husband of 25 years. Her college education began close to home in Belfast, Maine, at the University of Maine’s satellite campus, The Hutchinson Center. She has stayed at the University of Maine throughout her college career, receiving her BA in History in 2010, her MA in History in 2013, and is currently working on her Doctorate in American History. She values the broad perspective that comes with an education in history and enjoys working with students to help them reach their full potential in whatever path they choose. Previously, Amy worked with youth at risk during her career as an Employment Specialist at Goodwill Workforce Solutions. Transferring her employment experience to the academic realm, she has worked in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Advising Center since its inception in 2012. Her academic advising philosophy is based on her own personal experience as a student at UMaine, centering around her personal commitment to value each individual student and to foster a safe and guided environment in which students participate in their own decision-making process.