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Category: Infographic

Science Education

Even if you are not in a science field such as Engineering, Life Sciences, or Computer Programming, it is critical to recognize the importance of these fields. Today’s infographic provides a good reminder as to why a liberal, or all-encompassing, education is important.

Science Education


How to Find a Job You Love

With the Career Fair next week, many students are polishing up their resumes and getting ready to impress. Today’s infographic can help you figure out how to find a job you’ll love!

How to finda job you love

Back to School Consumer Profile

With the semester starting up, many students are purchasing notebooks and other necessities, making it difficult to find them in large retail stores such as Walmart. Today’s infographic takes a look at how purchases for school are made, so you can become a more informed consumer and prevent the last-minute scramble for school supplies!


Finals and Stress

Today’s the last day of classes, which means that finals are next week! Start studying now so you don’t become too stressed: as today’s infographic shows, it can be detrimental to your health.

Final Exams and Stress

15 Common Grammar Mistakes

With lots of end-of-term papers becoming due, here’s an infographic featuring fifteen of the most common grammar mistakes people make. Remember, you can always have someone proofread your paper, or read it out loud yourself to see if it makes sense!

15 Common Grammar Mistakes

College Study Habits

We all know the popular saying about needing to study at least two hours a night, and what types of resources you should look for when researching online (not Wikepedia!). But do you know what professors think about all of this? Find out with today’s infographic:

Study Habits and Where to find help

How to Research

Do you have a big paper that is due soon? Or maybe you need to do some research to prep for an exam or group project? Either way, today’s infographic keys you in to some websites that you may not be aware of- as well as some you didn’t know could be used for research.

How to Research

LinkedIn for College Students

Have you heard of the social networking site LinkedIn? Today’s infographic gives five reasons why it is one of the most valuable online tools for college students:

Linkedin for College Students

What are the Hardest Languages to Learn?

Interested in learning a new language? Before signing up for that language class you’ve always wanted to take, check out today’s infographic on the easiest to most difficult languages for native English speakers to learn.

Easiest and Hardest Languages to learn

Getting More Out of Google

Did you know that on average, Google users search over 40,000 queries per second? That’s a lot of Googling. Save time and make your searches more effective by following the tips in this week’s infographic:

Getting More out of Google